This is mainly for personal commissions. For commercial use (promotional material, game assets, banners, etc.), you do not have to use this format! Please email me for any inquiries regarding commercial commissions!
Subject: Commission Request for (your name)
Commission type: (commission option; [headshot/bust/halfbody/fullbody])
Subject of Commission & References:
Email for PayPal Invoice:
Please send this info to
- Payment must be given in full! Partial payment may be discussed.
- Commissions are for personal use unless otherwise discussed.
- I have every right to reject your commission.
- I do not draw the following: NSFW, gore, mecha, fetish art, offensive content including hate and politics, incest and self-cest. Please run by me to ensure what I won't draw.
- Do not send me a long text or paragraph describing your commission with no visual reference. Please have images ready. A fee will be given for written descriptions.​​​​​​​
- All commissions come with a free WIP for your approval. It will not go into its final phase until I have received your permission.​​​​​​​
- If given additional information after WIP approval (ex: you forgot to add a detail), it will incur a fee each time and depends on the size and complexity.
- Commissions will take from a few days to a month depending on my queue and how complex your commission will be.
- Once you have received your commission, you are NOT allowed to resell it in any shape or form unless it was a commercial commission. You are allowed to use personal commissions as a profile/avatar, wallpaper, printing, etc.!
- I have every right to use your commission for portfolio work and to share it on social media unless requested. Will incur a privacy fee.
B/W Doodles
Bust: $30 | Halfbody: $45 | Fullbody: $60​​​​​​​ | Doodle Dump: $250
Watercolor Doodles
Bust: $45 | Halfbody: $65 | Fullbody: $80 | Doodle Dump: N/A
Flat Color Doodles
Bust: $55 | Halfbody: $80 | Fullbody: $95 | Doodle Dump: $350
Rendered Doodles
Bust: $100 | Halfbody: $200 | Fullbody: $280 | Doodle Dump: $900
Character Sheet
*Note: character sheets are always considered as commercial commissions!
Sketch: $700 | Mixed: $1000 | Flat Colors: $1250
Illustration (Character-Based)
*Comes with a simple bg. For more details such as flowers and such, will cost additional.
*Illustrations will receive a more detailed, colored WIP.
Bust: $250 | Halfbody: $500 | Fullbody: $750
Additional Prices
- Extra character: 75% of the original price. If there are many characters, I can give a bulk discount. Please note doodle dumps are only allowed to have two characters max, no exceptions.
- Props, weapons, and such will have an additional price based on detail and quantity.
- Small, easier characters will receive a discount!​​​​​​​
Feel free to email me for any questions or info not found here! Thank you! :)
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